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  • Problem: A leading regional hobby chain was experiencing increasing print advertising costs with decreasing sales impact.
  • Goal: Develop an efficient insert allocation and distribution strategy to maximize return on the company’s print media investment.
  • Solution: As Vice President of Marketing, David completely revamped the newspaper insert distribution strategy, targeted circulation and reduced costs by taking the following steps:
    • Analyzing key demographics and ranking sales and transaction activity by zip code for each location.
    • Defining micro markets around each store and identifying the best and worst performing towns and zip codes.
    • Establishing penetration goals based on the new rankings.
    • Reallocating the insert distribution to maximize penetration into top performing areas and reducing distribution in poorly performing and outlying locations.
    • Renegotiating newspaper contracts to reflect the new distribution strategy.
    • End result: An improved insert coverage in the best performing areas and a $2.5 million reduction in newspaper insert costs.