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  • Problem: A leading baby specialty chain lacked the database marketing capabilities to target and market to specific customers and customer groups.
  • Goal: Communicate directly with specific customers and customer groups of expectant mothers. Replace costly mass media (television, newspaper) with more efficient channels.
  • Solution: As Director of Marketing, David built an internal database of targeted customers and launched a successful direct marketing campaign by taking the following steps:
    • Collecting individual customer data through a baby gift registry in the stores and online.
    • Developing a series of direct mail and email initiatives that welcomed the new registrants to the program and provided valuable information and tips to the expectant mothers, along with purchase incentives.
    • Partnering with a national database marketing firm to deliver timely information and promotions once during each trimester.
    • End Result: This initiative positioned the company as an “expert,” significantly reduced television expenses, and drove $3.5 million of incremental sales in the first year.