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  • Problem: A 400 store national specialty apparel chain was experiencing image perception problems.
  • Goal: Improve the quality of brand representation through network television advertising. Their current television advertising inaccurately depicted the brand to the targeted clientele they were expecting to embrace.
  • Solution: As Marketing Director, David spearheaded a full turnaround of brand perception by initiating the following steps:
    • Gathering national consumer research to accurately define the company’s perceived strengths and weaknesses with its current and prospective shoppers.
    • Analyzing research results to ascertain a direction to more fully portray brand essence.
    • Working with creative service teams to develop a marketing campaign that portrayed an accurate representation of the brand, product offerings and corporate direction.
    • Executing a network television campaign that earned national recognition from the Intermedia Advertising Group for brand recall.
    • End result: A marketing campaign that accurately portrayed brand values and brand essence which, in turn, positively impacted sales growth by 5.7%